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World premiere of "Film Noir" at Brandeis University this weekend

Come hear Jill Dreeben on flute, Todd Brunel on clarinet, and Elizabeth Skavish on piano this Sunday for an afternoon of contemporary and classical music. This program features world premieres by local composers John Kusiak and John McDonald, plus additional music by John Armstrong, Libby Larsen, and Sergei Prokofiev.

Some notes from John: 

"I chose the title Film Noir for several reasons. Although I didn’t write this as a film score, it has stylistic elements that I use in my scores. I didn’t consciously emulate any specific film noir music, but I think that the darkness in the piece is evocative of the genre. The tonality of Film Noir centers primarily on E minor and E Major, two keys that register in my mind as black. Although I don’t have true synesthesia, in the case of E chords and keys (along with a few others) I’ve always had a definite color association."

Sunday October 18 2015
Slosberg Concert Hall
Brandeis University
Tickets at door
$20 / $10 seniors / students free