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Flashback Friday: Refuge Media Project

Because John has been writing music for several decades now, not every Kusiak Music client needs to request new pieces of music to complete their project. Often, smaller projects with limited budgets and/or time reach out to ask for some licensing options from the back catalog.

Here's an example – the Refuge Media Project documentary from 2013.


“More than one million refugees have come to the US, fleeing torture and political violence,” begins Refuge: Caring for Survivors of Torture.

The vast numbers are staggering, but what makes a greater impression in this stand-out documentary are the small, individual stories from survivors and those who offer them care and support as they resettle in the US.

Ben Achtenberg, project director at the Refuge Media Project and producer/director of Refuge, says the film – seven years in the making – came about as his general interest in healthcare and mental health issues drew him to organisations and healthcare providers that offer support to survivors in the US. Previously, he was nominated for an Oscar for the film Code Gray: Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing, which he produced and served as cinematographer."  (from, October 2013)

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